Saturday, April 4, 2009

Small RC Jets

The feeling of flying is something which is linked with flying small rc jets, many folks think in this manner, well they all have some reasons. Remote controlled jets are the machines which are the best in the world of remote controlled airplanes. The thrill which flying wonders give, drives people crazy because of the joy which it brings. You can always ask somebody who has flown an remote controlled airplane the joy it gives. The experience is out of this world. It can be categorized into two categories:

Types of small rc jets:

Pusher type and electric ducted fan type. The remote controlled jets which use gas turbine are bigger in size. Well I have mentioned the two because you need to select the right one in the beginning with respect to the speed, so selecting a pusher is advisable for the ones who have just started the remote controlled planes hobby. When you have gotten an idea of how to fly rc jets on a pusher type then you can shift to the ducted fan type. The ducted fan type are more speedy than the pusher type. Only when you have cleaned your hands on the small rc jet of ducted fan type, you can go for the gas turbine rc jets which are bigger in size and also in speed.
The point in telling you to select the small rc jet for learning is that by doing this you will be good to your pocket. Because buying a bigger gas turbine remote controlled jet with a gas turbine engine is very costly. If at all you have bought it, maintaining it is again not a cheap idea.
The small remote controlled planes of pusher type is handled with much ease by a newbie. The ones available in the market are very quiet and also very handy in flying them in parks, and near by fields where you cannot fly gas rc jets. In fact any place is good for this remote controlled airplane because even being a beginner you are very less susceptible to crash it. You would want to avoid flying your small rc jets in windy and stormy days because you would never want to lose this little wonder.

After the pusher remote controlled jet, you would want to switch to a little faster electric ducted fan type. While you can enjoy flying the rc jet of ducted fan type with a little faster attitude you can never compare it with the gas turbine rc jets. The gas ones are super fast flying machines. By the time you have acquired skills on the small ducted fan remote controlled jets you will be very good in flying gas rc jets. The aspect which cannot be neglected is that there are some of you crazy as me out there who can make a mistake of buying gas rc jet as your first remote controlled plane and then repent, as it can never be handled if you have not flown any slow speed plane. I am saying all this from my experience of flying rc jets of all types. You must remember that you are here to stay in this hobby so it is better to start right and give yourself chance of learning the flying skills with right kind of flying machines and those are definitely small rc jets. Some of you, who always go with the right start, can buy a learner remote controlled plane and after having a taste can shift to any kinds of rc jets.

Happy Flying!!



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