Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RC Jet Planes – Rolling Loop Aerobatic

In the last post we covered up all the previous knowledge we had shared through this blog of rc jets. I can ascertain that many of the readers of this blog by now may have been doing great maneuvers with their rc airplanes and some might have reached and finished their skills to the level of flying rc jets. There will be some of you who might have become experts in doing some awesome maneuvers but there are some who need to learn them and that is why I thought to write some posts for how to do some advanced maneuvers with your rc jet. For today we all take a look into some very known aerobatic move made by all rc jet lovers, those fighter jet planes out there which carry real human pilots use the same technique to perform this move, you must have seen them doing this move in real at some air show or in television. Let me tell you something which I have never shared and that is if it was not for this cool move of real fighter jet plane I saw in an air show back then when I was 8 year old, I might not have been in the hobby of rc jet planes. The great move of rolling loop was made by the pilot so immaculately while passing by the main center of the ground that it got its deep impression on my brain. Okay enough of rambling, now let’s take a look at how the rolling loop aerobatic move can be achieved with your rc jet:

The rolling loop is very cool when you see it performed by any rc jet. To perform this cool move you must know how to do it precisely so you may not lose your rc jet. To be safe and as a rule of thumb, you should take your rc jet at a high altitude before trying to learn any new maneuver on your rc jet. This rolling loop move can be done on your park flyer, your electric rc jet, scale rc jet and model rc jet. Taking your rc jet to a sufficient height/ altitude ensures that recovering time from any mistake made is in your hands. You should try this move in the direction in which feel most comfortable, after doing it for few times. Follow this step by step guide to perform the move:

- Make your rc jet plane into the wind and remember that your scale rc jet is on high altitude.

- Rolling loop is achieving a vertical circle while rolling your rc jet simultaneously.

- For making a round vertical loop with your plane of reference, while making a 360 roll, give full throttle and begin climbing the altitude more.

- You would want to use a little rudder to up hold rc jet in a vertical position while climbing the altitude.

- Up elevation and aileron is to be used to make rc jet roll while climbing.

- You want to watch the climb with respect to the roll rate carefully as wings need to be at horizontal level when rc jet is at the top of the vertical loop.

- When your rc model plane is at the top you should decrease the rudder input, this is to make your plane descend from the top of the loop.

- At this point you should decrease the throttle but continue to use aileron with rudder input to make rc jet maintain its rolling with a constant rate.

- From the top of the loop where you started descending your rc jet till the cardinal point (from where you initiated the vertical climb) your plane should complete one more 360 roll and achieve its horizontal reference level upon reaching the cardinal point.

- In other words your rc jet makes 2 rolls of 360, each on half of its way completing the vertical 360 loop.

Was that difficult? I don’t think so (well only in reading :) ) when you will practically go doing it will take a little time in mastering it. This rolling loop move is more difficult to perform on rc jet planes as they are faster than rc airplanes and other rc model airplanes. Doing it on scale models look cooler as they give the feel of making a real jet rolling in a loop. Try roll looping your rc jet plane in an open ground so you can perform it with ease with the stress of getting into electric wires, buildings and towers.

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