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RC Jet Airplanes - Explained

RC Jet Airplanes:

I hope that all the information that we are sharing here on this blog are giving a good value to all of the readers who are in the hobby or intend to fly rc jets. Well, when I started this blog around two months ago, I wasn’t expecting to have this kind of a traffic in this short span of time, but yes this blog about rc jet airplane flying is doing good and hopefully continue to do better in coming days. In this post I just want to have a refresher of all the things which we have discussed regarding rc jets flying earlier and have good value in getting them read again specially for the new readers of this blog.

To begin with I want to establish something first with all who are new to this blog and are intended to get the feel of flying rc jets soon. The thing to establish here is that we all who are attached to this hobby of rc jet flying are in this hobby because we have love for flying and not only flying but flying fast, speedy in the fastest flying machines which rc plane hobby has to offer and those are definitely rc jets , not the rc helicopters. No offence to rc helicopter lovers out there as I like rc helicopters for doing maneuvers which rc jets cannot do but they lack the element of speed which has all the thrill attached. With flying radio controlled jets you can achieve speed in access to 200 miles per hour, now that I call a real fun with this kind of speed only can give and else not.

For all the new comers in radio controlled hobby, I want to tell them that with advancement in technology now we have radio controlled planes which fly with the power of radio controlled electric motors. Okay that is an advancement and a very good one but what we have established in the opening of this post about the speed and faster flying; the radio controlled jets with the propelling power of electric rc motors, lack that speed element so we can call them electric rc jet, not the real rc jets with turbo rc jet engines. The rc jet airplanes which use real gas engines, are the ones which go higher on speed and in proportion to thrill. There are types of rc jet engines, which we although have already taken a very detailed insight in earlier post dedicated to them, but we will again go through it, for our new readers.
Radio control rc jets which use gas engines are faster and are near to the real jet. The types of rc jet engines which these planes use, make them called with names which are associated to the engine type, and these are:

Rc jet airplane-Pulse:

This type is very simple in design, it only has one moving part which is its opening and closing valve. Rest of the engine only consists of a tube with a fuel igniter. These types are very noisy and are inefficient hence not used much. Especially the sound is so irritating that this can only be flown away from population unlike the park flyers which are less in sound and use electric rc motors for propulsion.

RC Jet Airplane – Turbo

This one is which I called the real one as it uses a turbine engine which is as same as the ones used in the actual jet. The little difference is of the stages of compression used. Axial flow is used in the real jet and the centrifugal flow is used in the rc jet turbine. This rc jet has all the speed we require, with the top speed reaching more than 250 miles per hour. This is also not a park flyer. These are big radio controlled airplanes, require fueling with kerosene or Jet A-1 fuel, same as used in the real ones. Also the maintenance of these rc jet airplanes is of the greater concern for few who just like to fly but don’t want to get their hands dirty. We will see this aspect a little later.

RC Jet Airplane – Turbo Fan:

This type is almost the same as the turbo one but with a slight twist in the burning cycle. To make this type more efficient on fuel, some quantity of cool air is mixed with the heated air fuel mixture to increase the fuel efficiency but reducing the exhaust speed.

Okay, we have seen what are the types of rc jet airplanes out there which use gas engines. Let’s now see what is electric powered radio controlled plane has to offer since not being great on speed. The ones which use electric motor as a propulsion means are also great flyers, they are able to do some very advanced kind of moves. They are very efficient on pocket as they come cheap as compared to the gas types. The electric motors are now made very efficient by the use of brushless technology. Yes the brush less motors use have made the electric loses of these rc jets very less, hence increasing the flying time. These types of rc jets now have kind of batteries like lithium polymer, which are able to give very long duration of flights having bigger Amp hour charge holding values. When you use these kinds of rc jets you do not have to worry about fueling them and maintain them every now and then, even you don’t have to clean them more often as compared to the ones which use gas engines. Electric rc jet airplanes are very good park flyers as they are very low in noise and can be flown in your neighborhood so you don’t have to go far in the air field and grounds from your home. These are also called park flyers as they can be flown in a park nearby you and amaze children out there, if you have to .. hehe

The radio control jets which use gas engines on the other hand are not the park flyers if you are looking for one, these are real speedy rc jet airplanes, which make sound and look same as of a real jet. These rc jets are for you if you are not afraid of getting their hand dirty as when you keep this kind of rc jet airplane, you will have to take a good care of it in maintenance, fueling and cleaning of exhausts and engine oil. Although these rc jet airplanes are heavy on pocket and are not suitable for ones who are just starting the flying hobby, but these are the real ones on which you will have to shift eventually after having some learning done on the propeller type electric airplanes and electric rc jet airplanes.
I now call it a post for rc jet airplanes as this has really gotten long. Those of you who are enjoying the good times of flying rc jet airplanes may want to contribute their experiences by commenting here. Till next time..

Happy flying!!


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  1. This is a nice introduction made for those who are not into these kinds of rc toys. Thanks for the effort.