Thursday, June 4, 2009

RC Jet airplane Maintenance tips

When getting into the hobby of flying radio controlled or RC jets, many come across the stress of keeping the stuff together because of technicalities involved in the hobby and they usually do not have experience of doing technical stuff. This post will help you in describing how to keep the things in a proper way so that you get the least stress and most enjoyment out of the hobby of RC jet flying. Here are some tips:
You can make a better tweezers tool if you bend the end of it. This bent tweezers tool can be used to pull the annoying connector. This will help you in pulling wires from the servo connectors of your rc jet or rc airplane.

Always secure your rc jet or rc airplane leads in a knot so they don’t come out during flight of your rc jet. This can be disaster and the better way of keeping it safe is making a knot.
Your rc jet wing edges can get rough through colliding with runways be it a grass or hard surface. This can be avoided by attaching plastic strips cut out of old plastic bottles and attached with the help of glue on the edges or tips of your rc jet or rc airplane wings.
While securing screws with thread locking material is a great solution of screws coming out due to vibration, this is a tough job when you want to remove screws. The solution to this problem is simple, just heat the tip of the screw with a soldering iron for a few seconds and then try loosen the screw with screw driver. This will help in saving the edges of the screws used on your rc jet airplane.
Although tiny and simple tip but for those of you who don’t know it, you can avoid screws and other parts from rolling here and there while working on your rc jet airplane. The tip is that you just take a container and glue a magnet beneath it. This will save you from freaking out searching for a lost screw.
If you don’t use thread lock material for securing screws from vibrations, here is a great tip. Use silicone gel for preventing screws of your rc jet airplane from coming out due to vibration of engine. This is better than thread locking compound and can be peeled out easily when you want to loosen the screw.
If you want a better storage for your rc jets and rc airplanes, just buy some portable shelves from a hard ware store near you. This shelve can be fixed on the wall and if you remove the planks out, you can store rc airplanes and rc jets’ wings and fuselages on top of each other for better storage.
Securing long rc airplane and rc jet antennas can be annoying and dangerous too if not done properly. You can secure antennas properly by cutting a soft plastic tube of around an inch and pass the antenna wire from it. You can glue the tube with the fuselage at the length where antenna stretches easily. Secure the antenna wire with the tube by pushing in a pin head.
Avoid accumulation of dust on your radio transmitters and rc airplane and rc jet internal parts. You can use some stiffed brushes and canned compressed air. First remove dust, debris of grass gently with stiffed paint brush and then use compressed air to blow it away. Canned compressed air is easily available in the computer stores.

I hope the tips given above will help you score to save you time energy and top of all saving your rc jet and rc airplane from degradation of wrong handling. You must be able to appreciate that this hobby of rc jet flying is a demanding one. It not only demands your time and money but also requires you good attention. In turn yes the reward is great through the thrill and joy you get by flying these incredible machines and of course learning a lot about many things which definitely increase you level of understanding things around you in a better way. These tips account in a good maintenance of your rc jet and rc airplane, make good use of them.

Happy flying


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